About Us

Block5 is a small team brewing in Tauranga, New Zealand. We are here to brew top-quality naturally beneficial beverages, with a focus on taste and whole ingredients. (Local ingredients too, whenever possible!!). 

We believe that the best tasting beverages don't have to be bad for you, and that feeding your body the nutrients it desires doesn't have to be hard work. 

Our goal is pushing for better food and drink, and making the finest out of every little bit we have. 
We hope you enjoy our offerings!


Fermented Drinks 

Simple ingredients, fermented. This is the way all of our favourite beverages are traditionally made. Beer, wine, kombucha, ginger beer, kefir, mead, kvass, the list goes on! 

Fermentation not only helps preserve the raw ingredients used in the beverage (allowing year round consumption) it also makes them all easier for our bodies to process. With the consumption of raw ferments being the standard in human diet for so long, it's no wonder that introducing them once again to our diets is having many positive effects.

Some of the many excellent reasons to drink fermented are; 

  • Nearly all of the sugars will be gone - provided the ferment is healthy and allowed to proceed to completion. 
  • The yeast and bacteria that are still alive upon consumption will act as probiotics and help maintain a healthy gut microbiota. 
  • Fermentation increases the natural levels of enzymes, antioxidants and organic acids in a food or beverage - these aid in many functions of the body
  • Increased levels of vitamins in the beverage; as natural by-products of the fermentation. 

On top of that, a good ferment will develop the taste of your food or beverage in a way no other process can replicate.

So we have a low sugar, probiotic, gut supporting, antioxidant, preservative free, DELICIOUS beverage. 
All by letting nature do her thing.


One-Off/Special Requests

Our brewery (aka. the brew lab) was designed so that we can consistently experiment with new recipes, and produce our favourites, side by side.

**Block5 stockists with kombucha on tap pour the best one-off batches, keep your eyes out!**

With this versatility, we also love to help out with beverages for special occasions, portable taps/mini-bar included! Weddings, special events, raging kombucha parties, big or small, all excellent ideas! enquiries@block5.nz 



 At the Brew Lab, we try to do our little part for the environment by;

  • Using renewable cardboard and paper packaging.
  • Using recyclable glass containers.
  • Keeping plastic use to a minimum.
  • Composting all bio-waste (used tea, spent fruit, old SCOBY, etc.)  and return it to the land.
  • Using energy efficient lighting, heating/cooling and process control.

As we move forward Block 5 aims to;

  • Reduce overall water usage throughout the brewing process.
  • Transition to lighter packaging methods, reducing transport cost and emissions.
  • Increase our breweries long-term energy efficiency.
  • Help contribute to local and international sustainability projects.


As of 2020, Block5 Brew Lab has proudly become a member of the 1% For The Planet Organisation. 

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental not-for-profits.
We join in with some of the worlds most inspiring companies, to donate 1% of our yearly revenue to local and international efforts working toward cleaning up our beautiful planet.

If you know of any awesome New Zealand based teams working for our planet, please reach out and make sure we know about them! Fill us in at fortheplanet@block5.nz




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Here are some scientific research articles which could be of interest to a Kombucha enthused community. Everybody likes being better informed. This list will be updated with any new research as we discover it.

We would also love to hear about any new scientific and technical findings related to anything and everything fermentation!