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Fermented Drinks 

There's no arguing that a fresh, whole ingredient based, fermented beverage is good for you.
But how good?!

We must admit, there are a couple of overly enthusiastic claims floating about.
Unfortunately not much evidence exists for Kombucha as a big time disease cure, however there are a few very beneficial reasons to drink fermented! 

  • Nearly all of the sugars will be gone - provided the ferment is healthy and allowed to proceed to completion. 
  • The yeast and bacteria that are still alive upon consumption will act as probiotics and help maintain a healthy gut microbiota. 
  • Fermentation increases the natural levels of antioxidants and organic acids in a food or beverage - these aid in many functions of the body
  • Increased levels of vitamins in the beverage as by-products of the fermentation. 
  • Natural antimicrobial properties

Aside from that, the taste develops in a way that no other process can replicate. 

So we have a low sugar, probiotic, antioxidant, preservative free, additive free beverage, all just by letting nature do its thing. 


 To do our little part for the environment Block 5 

  • Uses renewable cardboard and paper packaging
  • Uses recyclable glass and aluminium containers
  • Keeps plastic use to a minimum
  • Composts all brewing waste and returns to the soil
  • Monitors and maintains efficient energy consumption at our digitally integrated brewery

As we move forward Block 5 aims to;

  • Reduce overall water usage throughout the brewing process
  • Transition to lighter packaging methods, reducing transport cost and emissions
  • Increase our breweries long-term energy efficiency
  • Help contribute to local and international sustainability projects

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We would also love to hear about any new scientific and technical findings related to anything and everything fermentation!