Fermenting Cultures

If you look after your culture tenderly, it will last FOREVER.

Years have been spent cultivating and selecting the colonies of microbes we ferment with.
Generations on they are more reliable, viable and delicious than ever! 


We have cultures for beverages, but also for sourdough, sriracha and kimchi. These will be released over the coming weeks! 

SCOBY and Starter Liquid
SCOBY and Starter Liquid

SCOBY and Starter Liquid

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Make your own Kombucha with our Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.
You don't trust your friends alien looking SCOBY, sitting atop the fridge there? Yea na neither.. No worries though! Fortunately we have a tried and true culture ready to share with all Kombucha enthusiasts. 

Our SCOBY has higher proportions of yeast than some cultures. This will allow for a quick ferment, a refreshingly dry Kombucha, and a balanced acetic kick. For best results we recommend regular SCOBY 'cleaning' to help keep these yeast populations under control.

Ginger Beer Culture

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This is our house Ginger Beer culture ready for your enjoyment!

The Ginger Beer culture is made up of Californian saccromyces cerevisiae which, over the course of many generations, has been specially acclimatised to a cane sugar and fresh ginger environment. 

This culture will produce a dry ginger beer fermenting between 18-22 degrees C. It can be used as either a starter for your own perpetual 'Ginger Plant' or directly as an inoculant for your fresh ginger brew. 
Brews can be produced to be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. This culture is alcohol tolerant up to 8% ABV.